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Company profile
West Coast Tech Limited is a leading optical company, dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of high precision optical elements and system. 
The company is founded in year 2008, with facilities located in Fuzhou and Taining, Fujian Province. 
The principal majored in Applied Optics and has been engaged in the field of optics from year 1998. 
We supply a wide range of optical elements applied in UV, VIS and IR spectrum range, including window, prism, spherical lens, cylindrical lens, aspherical lens, dome lens, mirror, beamsplitter, filter, waveplate, reticule … Also we provide custom-made lenses such as beam expander, IR lens, and medical lens.
We are always ready to extend new business and provide our customers with more comprehensive product lines.
We have in-house capability from cutting, curve generating, grinding, polishing, edging and centering, coating, cementing to assembly. And we serve orders from prototype to mass production.
We know well about ISO10110, US Military standard and DIN. Our products are fully complied with these standards. 
Testing equipments that we have include goniometer, collimator, spherometer, centering device, interferometer, spectrophotometer, etc. and we carry out strict quality control. 
 On the basis of professional staffs, advanced equipment and rich experience, we provide quality products at competitive prices.