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1. Regarding your products or service, what are the three key features?
    - Custom made, all elements will be made according to customer drawing or specifications.
    - Flexible quantity, we accept not only low mix high volume order, but also high mix low volume order. 
    - RoHS compliance. 

 2. Why these features are important to me? 
    - Custom optics ensures the products completely fit for application. 
    - Normally suppliers prefer to low mix high volume order. It is difficult to find right supplier for high mix low volume orders. 
    - RoHS compliant component is environment friendly. 

 3. Compared with other suppliers, what is the advantage of your products or service? 
    - High precision and stable quality - Competitive prices. Good quality, while it does not mean high price. 
    - On-time delivery. Combining customer requirement and our production, we will give reasonable lead-time and follow the delivery date. 
    Whether in the aspect of quality, cost or delivery, we try to be a reliable partner of our customers, not only a relation of supplier-customer. 

 4. In what aspect are you better than and different from my current suppliers? 
    - Combining with our capability, we will suggest economic tolerance based on the understanding of application. 
    When meeting the requirement, lower the cost and shorten production cycle. 

 5. How can we believe you are clear with what you are doing?
    - We have been serving customers at home and abroad from year 2008. And the principle has been working in optical industry for 20+ years. We know well customer’s requirement. 
    - As of today, our products are exported to nearly 20 countries, including USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Israel, UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland…

6. Compared with my current suppliers, how can we purchase easily? 
    - For any inquiry, you will receive our response within 24 hours. 
    - You can place an order via e-mail or fax. After receiving the order, we will confirm the delivery date within 3 working days. 
    - The orders will be delivered by UPS, FedEx, DHL or TNT. It takes 3-4 working days to arrive at your side.
    For any order, whether big or small, once it is confirmed we will try our utmost to complete it. 

7. Compared with my current supplier, how about your prices strategy?
 - High quality, Low cost. We are serving more and more customers by providing quality products with competitive prices.